Buyer Resources

Below you will find a list of Resources we have accumulated over the years of serving our clients. If you can't find what you are looking for here, please give us a call. 


American Red Cross 808.244-0051 

Animal Quarantine 808.483.7151 

Better Business Bureau 877.222-6551 

Building Permits Maui County 808.270-7250 

Cesspool Pumping 808.572-7272 

Civil Defense (24 Hr Advisory) 808.986-1200 

Department of Water Supply 808.270-7730 

Direct TV 1-888-795-9488 

Hawaii Gas 808.877-6557 

Hawaiian Airlines 808.822-8811 

Hawaiian Telcom 808. 643-3456 

Land Use & Codes Maui County 808.270-7373 

Maui Arts & Cultural Center 808.242-2787 

MECO – Maui Electric Company 808.871-9777 

Maui News 808.244-3981 

Mayor’s Office 808.270-7855 

Maui Medical Center Hospital 808.244-9056 

Maui Motor Vehicles & Licensing 808.270-7363 

Maui Property Tax Office 808.270-7297 

Maui County Water 808.270-7730 

Maui County Building Permit 808.270-7250 

Maui County Planning Dept 808.270-7813, 808.270-7730 

Oceanic Time Warner Cable 

Offers Bundles with Internet, cable TV, and phone 808.643-2100 

Poison Center 800.222-1222 

Police (Non-Emergency) 808.244-6400 

Tax Information –State 808.984-8500 

Voter Information 808.270-7749 

Realtors Association of Maui 808.873-8585 

Refuse Collection 808.270-7452 

Report Abandoned Vehicle 808.244-6400 

United States Post Office 800.275-8777 

Visitors Information 808.872-3893 

Maui Bus 808.871-4838 


Hawaii Gas 808.877-6557 

Hawaiian Telcom 808. 643-3456 

MECO – Maui Electric Company 808.871-9777 

Maui County Water 808.270-7730 

Maui County Refuse Collection 808.270-7452 

Oceanic Time Warner Cable 

Offers Bundles with Internet, cable TV, and phone 808.643-2100 

Direct TV 1-888-795-9488 

Maui News 808.244-3981 

Post Office – change of address notice 



Lance Hardy Haiku Appraisal Company Inc. 808.575-7556 

ACM Consultants 808.242-6481 

Paul Lander Advantage Appraisal Inc 808.244-9718 

John Mulligan, Maui Aina Appraisals 808.572-5575 

Lea Scott Benson & Ass Appraisal Services 808.244-6843 

Eric Taketa, Taketa Appraisals 808.249-2141 

Architects and Draftsmen 

Mar Taron Arquitectura 808.870-1053 

Jim Neice 808.244-9011 

Linda Lange, 808.281.6949 

Alika Romanchak, John Hara Associates Inc. 808.573-1025 

Audio/Visual Home Theater 

Jon Miller, 808.344-1079 

Art (Fine) 

Dario Campanile, 808.875-6010 

Kim McDonald, 208.697-7380 

Iris Nola 808.281-2373 

Art Framers 

Pictures Plus 808.893-0632 

Picture It Framed 

Art (Fun) 

Art Posters 


Grand Wailea Spa Grande 808.875-1234 

Maui Nail Bar Kihei 808.879-8288 

Van Beauty Kahului 808.873-0950 

Vanity Hair Salon Paia 808.579-9580 

Anjani Belisle Upcountry 808.572-0244 


Father Bunda, St. Anthony’s Catholic Church 808.244-4148 


Bobbie Hoyt 808.281-7322 

Carrie Cullins 808.268-9704 

Builder/Contractor (Licensed) 

John Cahill, Cahill Construction 808.573-5478 

Mark Minney, Mark Minney Construction 808.876-1765 

Todd Preseault, Pono Building Co 808.870-7979 


Jayse Rua, RUA Catering (Sushi) 808.269.1802 

Uma Dugied, Star Anise Indian Food 808.572-9244 

Bev Gannon, Celebrations Catering 808.572-4946 

Ralph A. Giles, Soup to Nuts 808.283-3663 

Cleaners (Home) 

Elvira in Wailea/Kihei 808.276-1333 

Patricia Baker in Wailea/Kihei 808.269-6606 

Vanessa Brittian works Paia/Haiku/North Shore 808.281-8199 

Denise Hicks works in Paia/Haiku 916.505-0159 

Computer Repair 

PC Gill Brooks 808.878-3625 

Apple Miles Wolbe 808.281-1820 


WaIlea Dental 808.875-8555 

Dr. Barkley Bastian, Pukalani 808.572-9461 

Dr. Jonathan Lau, Wailuku 808.244-8808 

Dr. Dan Mayeda, Kahului 808.877-7661 


Jack Dyson, Jack Dyson Electric 808.870-7700 

Mike, Yap’s Electric 808.244-3630 

Escrow Companies 

Lydiamae Presbitero at Old Republic Title 808.871-2800 

Wendy Gomes at Fidelity National Title 808.573-1101 

Michael Gamberdell at Title Guaranty 808.871-2200 


Tom’s Backhoe North Shore and Kula 808.878-6233 

Loyd Nordquist PB Sullivan 808.875-2833 


Anny Heid Flowers 808.572-7033 

Bella Bloom Wailea 808.875-1919 Kahului Florist 808.877-3951 

Furniture/Yard Art/Gates 

Robbie Friedlander, Balinese Imports 808.573-8154 

Duck Soup, Central Baseyard 808.871-7875 

Hue Interiors, Kahului 808.873-6910 

Indo Lotus Imports, Kihei 808.280-8323 

Pacific Home, 808.596-9338 808-596-9338 

Health Clubs 

Upcountry Fitness, Pukalani 808.573-7334 

24 Hour Fitness, Kahului 808.877-7474 

Valley Isle Fitness, Lahaina 808.667-7474 

Valley Isle Fitness ,Kahului 808.871-6116 

Pilates Maui, Kihei 808.874-0052 

Handyman (unlicensed) 

Jack Dixon 808.283-4679 

Tad Archer 804.212-7153 

Nick King 808.269-9731 Doug Miller 808.268-0563 

Andrew Pemmel 775.513-9148 S 

Steve Zuwala 808.280-9875 

Health Plans 

HMSA 808.871-6295 

Kaiser Permanente 808.243-6000 

Home Inspectors 

John Barkman Barkman Home Inspection 808.357-8305 

Beau Petrone, A Sound Mind Home Inspection 808.870-0593 

Humane Society 808.877-3680 

Insurance Agents 

Kit Okozaki 808.573-8111 

Wayne Kinoshita, Business Insurance Services 808.856-7517 

Chris Stinger, Pyramid Insurance 808.242-4789 

Interior Design 

Heather Tomei 808.250.5422 

Hue Interior Design and Home Boutique 808.873-6910 

Kit Homes 

Mandala Eco Homes (made in Bali) 808.268-1211 

Kite/Windsurf Instructors 

Christian Barcellos 808.280-1584 

Alan Cadiz Hi-Tech Surf Sports/HST Kahului 808.877-7750

Maui County 

Maui County Building Permits 808.270-7250 

Maui County Planning Department 808.270-7813 

Mortgage Brokers 

Brady Spangler, Axia Home Loans 808.264-3798 

Daniel Bardenhagen, Wells Fargo Private Mortgage 808.874-1107 

Mary Fabbio, Pacific Home Loans 808.269-2671 

Stephen, Pacific Home Loans 808.891-0415 

Sandy Rice, Wells Fargo Mortgage 808.873-3700 


Island Movers, Kahului 808.871-6035 

Royal Hawaiian Movers , Kahului 808.873-0777 


Bob Ashworth for Kihei/Wailea/North Shore 808.871-6035 

Fabrizio Fabbio for North Shore 808.250-5193 

Kyle Price for South side 808.280-9012 

Pet Sitter 

Denise Hicks works in Paia/Haiku 916.505-0159 

Debra Lusher Uiko’s Professional Pet Sitting 808.268-8456 


Travis Rowan – Living Maui Media 949.302-9285 

Sascha Bauml 808.283-3132 

Ben Kottke 949.291-8817 


Mike Massy, Mike’s Plumbing 808.280-5587 

Roger Shoretelle 808.280-3013 

Property Managers 

Long Term 

Kokua Realty 808.270-9130 ask for Kelly 

Brian James, Quam Properties 808.276-4434 

Vacation Rentals 

Maui Rental Group 808.874-0001 

Makena Wailea Vacations 808.385-1140 

Irene Aroner, Tropical Villa Vacations 808.875-2818 

Real Estate Attorneys 

David Cain, 808.242-9350 

Tom Cole, 808.242-6854 

David Jorgenson, 808.242-4555 

David Spee, 808.579-8244 

Tom Welch 808.871-8351 

Rock Walls 

Beamer 808.281-8246 


Bill Brophy, 808.870-6637 

Roof Cleaners 

Ernest R. Honaker, 808.264-2288 


Curly Boyer, 808.280.0095 

Septic System 

Envirocycle 808.792-1220 


Link to all public schools 

Both private and public schools 

Solar Power 

Kapp Electric, 808.877-5577 

Rising Sun Solar, 808.579-8287 

Maui Solar Project, 808.269.2352 

Solar Hot Water, 808.283-2514 Steve 

Storage Units 

PODS 877.770-7637 


Akamai Land Surveyors 808.876-0177 

Carl Musto, 808.870-1841 

Valley Isle Surveyors 808.870.8466 

Termite and Pest Control 

Bug Man Termite & Pest Control 808.871-1283 

Bowman Pest Control 808.244-0296 

Mid Pacific Pest Control 808.875-2888 


Mike Burr 808.281-5408 

Stephen Webb, New Life Services Group 808.280-7387, 

Tile and Granite Suppliers 

Jurassic Stoneworks, 808. 873-7742 

Exclusively Yours, 808. 214-1083 


Makawao Veterinarian Clinic 808.572-9003 

Maui Veterinary Clinic 808.242-5088 

Window Cleaner 

Ryan Crocco, 808.281-6112 

Yard Care 

David Moales ,808.357-2339 

Michael Sarich, Pure Organics Maui 808.280-0082 

Allen Ting, Pacific Landscaping Maui 808.298-9269 

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