The Buying Process

What does it mean to find "the right home?"

It's a journey that we'll take together. And as any experienced traveler knows, it pays to be well prepared before you set out. As your guide, we have a proven step-by-step approach. Here's what you can expect along the way: 

First we need to understand you 

The journey cannot begin until we know where we're going. That starts for us by understanding what matters most to you and your family. We ask questions. We listen. We turn those general ideas you have about the kind of house you're looking for and where you'd like it to be into specific parameters to define our search criteria. 

Next, we develop a custom guidebook just for you 

We have a proven formula for building a custom search model based on your criteria, both for the property and especially the location. You'll get well acquainted with the choice of neighborhoods. 

We are an industry leader in the use of technology and data to get in-depth information on every residential area in the marketplace. We'll share a wealth of analytics to help you focus your search on areas best suited to your family, including school districts and homes with the most potential for appreciation. We will provide you with information about neighborhoods that will open your eyes to some key factors you have yet to take into account, and may open your mind to some locations you haven't considered. 

We'll share insider knowledge of the market with you 

Our success is driven by our expertise in market analysis. Pinpointing the most competitive price for his clients is a function of timing and data – recent sales and up-to-the-minute changes in market conditions. 

We won't take any detours 

We don't want to waste your time or ours by showing you properties that won't work for you. We will only show you properties that meet your needs in neighborhoods you desire — homes you'll want to buy. 

We'll deliver you to your dream destination 

When you see that wonderful home, that one that's really right for you? 

Wow, that's an exciting moment! But, alas, the battle – the chess game – has just begun. The pricing of your initial offer, the subsequent negotiations, the contingencies – all require the expertise of experienced strategists who know the market better than anyone and know how to win. That's where we really shine. We have a proven systematic approach to negotiating the lowest price and most favorable terms possible for your new home. Let us help you find, and purchase, that one-of-a-kind home that appeals to you emotionally AND makes sense financially. 

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