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The Secrets to Buying a Vacation Condo

Many Maui buyers plan to purchase a vacation condo and rent it out when they're not using it. There are many benefits to investing in a vacation property, but there are a number of factors to consider before making a purchase. Use these insider tips to understand the process and make the best condo buying decisions.

Research the Rental Market

Compare how much positive cash flow you want from your property with what is expected in the current Maui rental market. If you're not familiar with the local rental market, contact Patrick Franta at (808) 280-7728 to discuss available rentable properties as well as your investment goals.

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Consider Your Bottom Line

Utilities, routine maintenance, association fees, and property management fees (not to mention mortgage premiums) are just a few of the costs of owning a vacation rental condo. As a Maui resident and a local real estate expert, Patrick Franta can provide you with recommendations for management companies and communities that can help you achieve your investment goals. Contact Patrick at (808) 280-7728.

Search Condos by Features, Not Rental History

If you agonize about whether a property has a strong rental history, you may end up missing the perfect vacation condo. Instead, search for vacation condos that have your dream features, from an oceanfront location to gated access to a screened lanai. If you're not sure where to start, contact a trusted real estate professional like Patrick Franta. He can give you the advice you need and point you in the direction of communities that offer rentable properties.

Partner with a Real Estate Expert

If you don't already live full-time in Maui, you may not know all of the facets about the island's real estate market, supply of rental properties, or innovative strategies for marketing a vacation condo. Patrick Franta is a permanent resident of Maui as well as a local real estate agent, so he understands all of the nuances of Maui's rental market. Contact Patrick at (808) 280-7728 to learn about communities that offer rentable properties, your mortgage options, and more.

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Considering buying a vacation rental condo but not sure where to start? Found a property with your favorite features and want to schedule a showing? Contact Patrick today at (808) 280-7728.

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